高一英语作文:My dream_900字

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  The dream blooming flower Everyone has a dream, a beautiful dream. Different environment, different life background, experience of things different, everyone’s dream is also different. Some people want to become national leaders, some people want to be a scientist, and some people want to become a businessman. The dream I just want to be an ordinary person. Do the people useful things in ordinary post. For example, when a teacher, to impart knowledge to the next generation; when a doctor, save dead trauma; when a gardener, contribute to the greening of the environment. The dream is beautiful, but to achieve the dream, no words can, in the dreams of the road, will encounter difficulties, setbacks, resistance, if did not have the courage, will, you will be very difficult to realize his dreams. The dream cannot do without knowledge, so I think the first step to realize my dream is to accumulate knowledge, we now need to do is to Study hard, overcome the difficulties in learning, grasp more knowledge, to lay the foundation for the realization of dreams. Let us brave to face life.



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